About Asset Finance Policy

Asset Finance Policy's founder is Julian Rose. From 2008 to 2014 Julian was Head of Asset Finance at the Finance & Leasing Association. His previous experience spans regulation (Financial Reporting Council, Competition Commission), management consulting (PwC, KPMG) and industry (NCR, United Parcel Service).

He is a Chartered Management Accountant and has Masters Degrees in management (Boston University) and competition and regulation (University of East Anglia).  

Asset Finance Policy’s experience:

Monitoring and lobbying on prospective new policy and regulation

  • Lobbying the International Accounting Standards Board and the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group to secure improvements to the new accounting standard for leases
  • Lobbying the Basel Committee, the European Commission and the European Central Bank to secure the optimum treatment of asset finance in prudential policy and regulation
  • Providing briefings and conference sessions on the new lease accounting rules

Applying for Government schemes that support the business lending market

  • Developing a proposal for the British Business Bank's Direct Investment Programme
  • Developing a proposal for the European Investment Bank's Loans for SMEs programme

Complying with FCA and Government regulation

  • Running workshops for over 200 brokers on FCA consumer credit regulation
  • Helping 25 asset finance brokers and suppliers to obtain FCA authorisation
  • Compiling a guide to assist a finance company’s brokers with FCA compliance


  • Preparing a guide to asset finance in the UK for a European bank
  • Carrying out a market study for a US business considering entering the UK market
  • Due diligence on a broker acquisition
Excerpts from Asset Finance International, February 2014
Rose has, for the last six years, been a staunch supporter of asset lending and has played his part in lobbying long and hard for asset lenders to receive a higher profile and relevance amongst government decision makers... Roses's preferred approach has always been to adopt a firm, but courteous and logical, approach towards persuading those with an uncertain appreciation of the asset lending to see the error of their ways... Roses's single-minded yet gentlemanly approach to the future welfare of the asset finance sector coupled with his compendious knowledge of the industry will be a sore miss to the FLA. It should, however, ensure his sound onward-going career as an industry consultant.